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Patient Transporter- Dr. Philips Hospital Emergency Service (Pool)

Job ID 143025 Date posted 01/12/2018 Facility OH Dr. P. Phillips Hospital

Pool: Per diem 0-40 hours includes nights, weekends and holidays.

Provides safe and efficient transport of patients to ancillary departments, nursing units, patient rooms, diagnostic areas, the morgue, doctor¿s suites, discharge area and other areas of the hospital.  Assesses patient to determine the most affective method for transport.  Transport patients in high risk areas.  Transports charts and specimens in an efficient and confidential manner. Transport materials, equipment, and supplies such as, IV poles, IV pumps, feeding tube pumps, wheelchairs, stretchers, and beds, safely and efficiently throughout the facility.  Assist in facilitating patient throughput, assist in facilitating nurse/patient contact by allowing the nursing staff to focus on patient care, not patient transportation.  Maintain all transportation equipment and assure its cleanliness and sanitary condition.  Demonstrates ability to log into and manipulate IVR systems effectively and efficiently. Demonstrates the ability to use an alpha numeric pager responsibly.  Demonstrates the ability to respond to a page in a timely  manner.  Communicate vital patient information with the department manager, group leads and other appropriate team members.  Provide customer assistance and service recovery.  Facilitate resolution of customer requests, issues, questions, and concerns.  Understand and demonstrate outstanding CTE behavior and attitude, which will support and facilitate the mission, vision and values of Orlando Regional Healthcare.  Aid in informing customers, nursing units and ancillary departments of delays.  Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with all ORHS team members in a polite and courteous manner.  Demonstrates the ability to work independently with little or no supervision.  Responsible and accountable for reaching individual productivity standards established by the department.  Proactively seeks prevention of fire and safety hazards by storing equipment in designated areas.  Possess the ability to adjust the liter flow and determine PSI in an oxygen tank.  Possess the ability to transfer an oxygen regulator from one oxygen tank to another.  Possess the ability to inspect gauges to determine when an oxygen tank and/or regulator need servicing.  Has the knowledge and ability to safely remove a telemetry unit from a patient. Follows hospital and departmental policies with special attention to safety, dress, attendance, punctuality and display of ID badge.  Handles work related information in a confidential manner to maintain HIPPA compliance.  Treats customers with courtesy, compassion, dignity and respect.  Responds to requests in a timely manner. Cooperates effectively and efficiently with team members to consistently meet the changing needs of the patient, department, and/or ORHS.  Delivers care that is customer service oriented and cost effective

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