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HR Facts and Questions

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  1. How long until I get a response after I submit anapplication?
    1. Issues:
      1. We don’t have an email sent stating the applicant hasn’t been selected
      2. Status shows ‘transmitted’ on the website, not ‘not selected’
    2. Answer: If the hiring manager is interested in moving forward with your application, either the manager or HR will directly contact you for the next step in the application process.
  2. Am I guaranteed an interview?
    1. Answer: A submitted application does not guarantee an interview.
  3. Why have I not been contacted after multipleapplications?
    1. Answer: Due to our volume of applications we receive, we are unable to contact every applicant when they submit one or more applications. Only those who will be considered will be directly contacted.
  4. If I was a former team member how can I confirm if I am eligible for rehire?
    1. Answer: Please contact the HR Solutions Center at 321-841-8623
  5. Can I change my application and/or edit my resume once submitted?
    1. Answer: You are unable to make any changes to your application, resume, or other attachments once it is submitted.
  6. What’s the status of my application?
    1. Answer: Once you submit your application, your application will be reviewed by HR and the hiring manager. Only those who are selected for consideration will be notified.
  7. Why wasn’t I selected?
    1. Answer: A candidate with higher qualifications was selected for the position.

Application Review

  1. What is the process after I submit my application?
    1. Answer: Once you submit your application, your application will be reviewed by HR and the hiring manager. Only those who are selected for consideration will be notified.
  2. What does the application status of route mean?
    1. Answer: Your application was sent from HR to the hiring manager for review.


  1. When will I be contacted for an interview?
    1. Answer: You will be contacted for an interview only if the hiring manager and HR proceeds with your application. If so, they will contact you by the contact information you provided. Time varies depending on many factors; therefore, there is not an exact timeframe for if and when you are contacted for an interview due to the volume of applications.
  2. What type of interview can it be?
    1. Answer: HR will contact you to inform you on the type of interview method it will be. There are four different interview methods that we use and may or may not apply for the hiring process: telephone interview, video interview, in-person interview, and typing test.
  3. What is the dress attire for the interview?
    1. Answer: If it is an in-person or video interview, dress attire should be business casual or business formal.
  4. What should I bring to the interview?
    1. Answer: You are not required to bring anything to the interview. However, it is optional to bring a copy(s) of your resume.

Job Offer

  1. When will I receive my online new hire paperwork link?
    1. Answer: You should receive an email within 24-48 hours after the recruiter communicates with you about the offer, that will include a link to complete a list of online new hire forms. Every form is required to be completed. After 48 hours, the link will expire and you will not be able to login again.
  2. When will I receive my offer letter?
    1. Answer: The offer letter should be received with 24-48 hours after the recruiter provides you an offer, which will be included in your online new hire packet.

Welcome Appointment

  1. What is the process of the welcome appointment?
    1. Answer: Every new hire is required to go through a physical check-up appointment with Occupational Health Medical Office for a drug and tobacco screening. Afterwards the new hire is required to visit the HR office to complete the new hire packet process, badge photo, and the I-9 form.
  2. What do I need to bring to the Welcome Appointment?
    1. I9 form documents - Refer to i9 form (insert link with list of documents included)
    2. Online new hire paperwork completed, especially medical questionnaire.
  3. Where do I go for the welcome appointment?
    1. Occupational Health and HR (provide addresses)
  4. How long will it take?
    1. Answer: Please prepare for a minimum of 2-3 hours for your welcome appointment.


  1. When is orientation?
    1. Answer: Corporate new hire orientation occurs every Monday. A recruiter will provide you with the date of your new hire orientation.
  2. Where is orientation?
    1. Answer: Orientation usually occurs at the Orlando Health Institute of Learning on 30 W Grant St. Orlando, FL. If there are any changes to the location, you will be contacted.
  3. What is the dress attire?
    1. Answer: Only business casual dress attire or scrubs in any color is acceptable.
  4. What should I expect from orientation?
    1. Answer: Orientation is an all-day welcome event to inform the new hire of our policies, procedures, and expectations. It is a fun and informative required event that will assist you in getting acquainted with many clinical and HR policies as well as meeting other new hires. Please also bring a copy of your voided check for a direct deposit form.
  5. How will my training occur?
    1. Answer: In new hire orientation you will receive further information about your training and receive your badge.

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